SQL Services

We at Exchequer Dynamics have years of experience managing and supporting SQL infrastructure across a multitude of business cases and SQL flavours.

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Advanced SQL Services

Throughout many projects and solutions provided to our customers, we have offered consultancy for various software database systems and servers. Some of the completed projects span from simple consultancy to the management of customer environments.

We are proficient in relational database architecture and data scalability in enterprise environments. We have worked extensively with different databases including (but not limited to) Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle MySQL, Actian Zen/Pervasive SQL used by Advanced Exchequer. We are experienced with both individual database servers and large-scale clustered environments with optional cross-server replication and as such provide the following services:

Migration and Database Transformation

Our experienced team of engineers is proficient in constructing and managing data in numerous database solutions. With these proficiencies, we can offer the movement of data and metadata between these different flavours of SQL. Available services include:
  • Reverse engineering existing database architecture and rebuilding it in a different database engine, or for a different use case
  • Migrating database data into other database structures, database engines, or even plaintext file formats
  • Migrating existing server structures onto different hardware infrastructures which includes clustered environments

Database Integration

Using our product ExFusion, we can facilitate the automated movement of data across multiple data sources in potentially differing physical locations and database engines to an assortment of destinations.

The most notable application of ExFusion we have is with Advanced Exchequer, where the product is used to import and export data between Advanced Exchequer and other integrated systems.

Our development team is willing and able to extend ExFusion to fit your company’s requirements and use cases.

For more information on ExFusion head over to our product page for ExFusion – Data Transformation

Performance Optimising

We use third-party database performance analysing tools, like SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer and Percona, which allow us to look at a database and all running queries to ascertain the biggest delays across the whole schema.

These tools can also be used to analyse and determine the cause for blocking queries that may prevent database-reliant software from functioning and, in some cases, crashing.

It also allows us to determine missing indexes which will speed up the use of the database. We can then locate tables that potentially require automatic archival of old data which we can also implement. Feedback from these analysis tools can help us to tweak MySQL Server INI files for increased server performance.

We have extensive knowledge of queries and functions which allow us to provide neat query results to the format desired, as well as determine if they can be sped up in any way.

This can be done via numerous methods, such as using newer functions and formulas provided by new releases of the database system.

This can also be done by optimizing data table joins with an understanding of the database structure and layout, which is provided via the database analysis mentioned previously as well as our developed SQL query tool, ExReport – Data Reporting. ExReport provides us with a visual query builder, allowing for an easier understanding of the database table relationships and also the ability to visually break down advanced SQL queries provided by customers or designed for them.

A known issue with the use of Actian Zen/Pervasive SQL is the holding of ‘Ghost’ licenses whereby disconnected users may keep a locked record open. Over time this prevents users from logging in. We can provide a solution to clear these out daily, which can be tuned and run as the customer requires to prevent repeated server clear-outs.

Backup Solutions

Solutions that we provide are specifically catered for different databases to allow for both secure backup as well as smaller recovery time objectives.

Different database systems can require different backup methods. While some have inbuilt backup methods others require special operating procedures to create clean backups.

Various backup solutions support multiple point-in-time backups wherein multiple backups are taken during the day with transactions to provide the ability to roll back.

For more information on the different types of backup we can provide, please head over to Backup, Data Forensics & Data Recovery

Data Extraction and Analysis

Over a decade of experience processing SQL data into user-friendly forms has led to the development of the product ExReport, which has been created to visually aid in generating reports using data present in Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle MySQL databases.

Even without ExReport, our capable analysts are available to work with you and your data to provide insight and clean reports to augment your existing business intelligence systems.

For more information regarding ExReport please visit ExReport – Data Reporting

With our storied expertise with Advanced Exchequer, ExSync was developed to work in tandem with ExReport. ExSync extracts the financial data from Exchequer’s Actian Zen/Pervasive SQL database backend and inserts it into a choice of either Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle MySQL databases.

This allows ExReport to be used on the data to compile customer-facing financial reports the likes of which Advanced Exchequer is not directly capable of.

For more information regarding ExSync head over to ExSync – Data Synchronisation

SQL Server Replication

We have experience in the setup of Microsoft SQL Server Replication for different scenarios such as view-only style applications as well as mass data moving and replicated databases for use with backups.

For more information on business intelligence through data reporting, please read our Business Intelligence & Reporting