Delivery Enterprise Software

Integrate Metapack eCommerce delivery management software with Advanced Exchequer. Add thousands of shipping service options to suit your customer needs.


What is Metapack?

Providing over 450 carriers and 5000 services worldwide, the MetaPack enterprise delivery management platform provides you with a global label library to assure complete international carrier compliance. Their shipping software and API lets you quickly integrate with the world’s carriers and instantly generate fully compliant shipping labels and customs documents.

With the sheer variety of international delivery services, MetaPack offers impressively configurable and flexible parameters to ensure the correct carrier and appropriate service is allocated, for each individual parcel.

Monitoring carriers at a parcel level, MetaPack Manager provides retailers with an all-encompassing view of performance to ascertain comprehensive cost control and an efficient delivery experience.

Metapack Integration

Accessible via a simple user interface, the MetaPack service has been implemented by Exchequer Dynamics in a streamlined manner whereby a Windows service polls our customer’s database for any new consignments at frequent scheduled intervals, when one has been created, the details of the order are brought down from Adobe Commerce via a web service and assigned to it.

With the new consignment sent to MetaPack for carrier data to be committed, the database is subsequently updated to reflect these alterations with universal format labelling for delivery tracking, ensuring a dynamic deployment from the warehouse.