Exchequer Support

Advanced has decided to move their Exchequer ERP product to Extended Support (ESS).

We have a number of customers who still require day-to-day support and maintenance which is no longer being provided by Advanced.

Technical Support

With Advanced’s decision to move Exchequer into Extended Support (ESS) this means that unless your issue you’re experiencing a legislative or a security issue it is very unlikely to be addressed.

Exchequer Support & Troubleshooting

We can help you with an array of potential problems that you may face with your day-to-day use of Exchequer, as well as maintenance tasks that you may need assistance with:

    • Cloning existing Exchequer companies
    • Creating new Exchequer companies
    • Exchequer Scheduler setup
    • Form creation or modification
    • OLE add-in setup
    • Printer setup for different forms & transactional documents
    • Removing 0 quantity Stock Location records
    • Sentimail
    • Special Functions
    • Troubleshooting access violations (these are usually caused by plug-ins, both official or third-party)

As well as the troubleshooting we provide, we can host your Exchequer data in a secure environment at our data centre and provide safe and reliable backups.

Exchequer Solutions

In addition to support troubleshooting, we have also been able to enhance some of our customers’ daily use of Exchequer in the following ways:

    • We have implemented a barcode system for delivery notes in a warehouse to allow easy scanning of order references.
    • We have additionally setup set up automated synchronisation of files from third parties for use in the Exchequer Importer. This allowed the customer to configure the Importer to create automatically create orders in Exchequer from CSV files, before removing the files from the third-party server.
    • One customer had Bills of Materials (BOMs) that contained overwhelmingly large lists of Stock Codes that Exchequer was incapable of exporting directly. We designed an application to extract these SKUs for them:
    • Automated updates into GoldVision CRM through a custom service with URL generation.
    • VAT Return Software, our ExVAT solution was developed based on a customer requirement.

These custom solutions were created for both the MS SQL and Pervasive versions of Exchequer.

Not seeing your issue above or want more insight on anything related to Exchequer?
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