Extraction & Migration

Extract data from Advanced Exchequer so that you can view, report, transform, manipulate or migrate it in any way that you require. 

Data Extraction Services

Data Extraction Services

Advanced Exchequer enjoys a high level of customer retention, but sometimes for different reasons, a decision is made to move away.

If this decision has been made then the customer will invariably want to extract some or all of their data to the new system, we can help with this process (known to be fraught with complications) by providing the data in an identical table structure, either in MS SQL or Oracle MySQL databases.

We do this using the ExSync Server engine as well as providing ExReport to help with the query building that’s needed to ‘shape’ the data for the new system. Both products can be provided on a service basis, although ExReport is often purchased to provide cost-effective ongoing archive reporting.

How Not to Move from Advanced Exchequer to Another Software Solution!

Time and again we get calls from weary project managers and consultants who have made the assumption that extracting data from Advanced Exchequer to be migrated to Microsoft NAV, AX, GP or Sage Pastel, Netsuite, etc. is just a matter of making an ODBC connection and pulling the data into a SQL database; a few quick transformation queries and extraction is game, set and match to the new system provider over Advanced Exchequer. Sadly, you could not be further from the truth or your budget!

When reality dawns and the budget has been spent, yet still you are no nearer to completion and D-Day is looming – you go to Google and end up here!

Exchequer Migration

While the option of extracting your data for reporting and archival purposes is available, migrating to another ERP is also easily achievable for Exchequer Dynamics. We specialise in creating solutions to work alongside Advanced Exchequer to enhance its daily use, though we understand that you may find yourself in a position to migrate away to make use of other systems. Whether SMB to Enterprise organisations, we have over a decade of experience with a broad variety of happy customers who have needed our migration services.

As with any project, this needs some discussion of what data is required. Whether a bespoke selection such as your customers and their transactions, or the entirety of your historical data, we can apply our expertise to facilitate this with whichever ERP system you choose for a seamless transition between accountancy solutions.

Fact: You can’t just pull the data from Advanced Exchequer via ODBC, CSV or OLE (not all of it). When you do, you have to convert the split integers and translate the date-time formats.

From our experience, data extraction and migration can throw up anomalies on queries because the Advanced Exchequer database can hold other data that bears no relationship to the table that contains it. This data bears no relation to ‘normal’ database rules and the queries break. The clock keeps on ticking relentlessly towards D-day with an unhappy outcome.

At Exchequer Dynamics, we guarantee to pull the data out of Advanced Exchequer and into a SQL database ready to be queried into the new system, we will even help you understand the way Advanced Exchequer puts it all back together. We will do it at a reasonable daily rate on our premises, with significant computer power and demonstrable results.

Talk to us and see what we can do for you.