Customer Relationship Management

Improve customer relationships and improve on sales. Customer relationship management solutions consist of integrated, data-driven software that helps to improve how you interact with your customers. Streamline your administrative processes in your sales, marketing, commerce and service departments.

Customer Relationship is more than just service, it is about building a long-lasting relationship with your customers so you can react to their needs and change as they change over time. A CRM system lets you know your customer’s preferences, for example, when they like products delivered, collected, repaired, replaced or even returned. Everyone works differently and the devil is always in the detail, so how do you make sure every level of your business can store and share this degree of information and be able to bring it up in a few clicks when needed? This is exactly the kind of relationship management CRM was created for. We have worked extensively with a couple of the big names in this area and can integrate them flawlessly into Advanced Exchequer.


Import Sales Quotes from Salesforce into Advanced Exchequer. Export Customer Account Balances, MTD, YTD, LYTD. Update Stock Information, Quantities and Locations.

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Salesforce CRM Customer-Relationship-Management

Salesforce offers a single view of every customer which is visible from each of your departments, marketing, sales, commerce and service. We offer an integration platform for Advanced Exchequer with Salesforce CRM. For more information please check out CRM: Salesforce

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Keep up-to-date with Microsoft products and licenses within your business environment. We can help you choose the software you need and then procure any required licenses on your behalf.


Microsoft Dynamics 365

Maximise your sales opportunities with Dynamics 365. With interactive dashboards and data visuals, Dynamics 365 is a great all-in-one CRM tool for identifying which path to a sale works best. Help win more sales, keep your customers happy, and create a healthy return on investment for your business.

  • Deepen customer relationships
  • Gain the competitive edge
  • Seamless Office 365 integration
  • Easy to provision and deploy
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