Extract or synchronise Advanced Exchequer data with ExFusion to be consumed by any third party system, as required. This is completely customisable based on individual business needs.

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ExFusion Server

Due to its complexities, there are many potential issues when integrating with Advanced Exchequer. If you’ve experienced trying to do so, you will know that the road is fraught with trials and tribulations. While off the shelf solutions are few, narrow and dated, the bespoke route is frequently costly, problematic and time-consuming.

ExFusion is our flagship product which bridges the gap between migrating to other finance systems and integrating with best of breed solutions, extending your Advanced Exchequer investment. A selection of our current integrations make the process very easy and cost-efficient:

ExFusion is a multi-layer data conduit connecting external applications and solutions to the core Advanced Exchequer financials. It ‘wraps’ Advanced Exchequer and manages data extraction, synchronisation and data write-back for virtually any database-driven application. The number of integrations possible is infinite and the choice is yours to achieve all kinds of possibilities suitable for your business. ExFusion offers simplicity, faster data transfer and real cost savings.

ExFusion is a customisable framework designed to both extract and import data from Advanced Exchequer. Executing task threads to process data at lightning speeds, tests for one of our e-commerce integrations gave the result of 200 orders input into Advanced Exchequer within 15 seconds – as long as there’s a network connection between the web server and data server, the system works without manual intervention. In the case of an internet outage where connectivity is lost, orders are queued on the web server and downloaded during the next polling.

ExFusion’s Features & Specifications:

  • Should preferably be installed on an Exchequer server, but can function wherever it’s installed
  • Multiple instances of the applicable can run to read from one or many MS SQL/MySQL servers
  • Minimum specifications are dual-core processors and 4 GB RAM to get the best performance out of the multithreading process
  • Quad-core processors give the greatest performance – the more cores and memory, the faster and better performance for the server
  • Operating as a 32-bit application by design, ExFusion will only use a maximum of 4GB of memory.

Integration and Migration

ExFusion was designed to ‘talk’ to industry standard database systems such as Microsoft SQL and Oracle MySQL, but with later versions that has expanded to include any database possible. Sharing data between internal or external systems facilitates the streamlining of overall business processes whilst cutting operational costs. If you would like to keep Advanced Exchequer as your accounting system and extend your investment, ExFusion can integrate with any database specified for your solution of choice.

Transferring data with ExFusion has always made use of direct database links and data transfer. We shy away from the now dated method of data transfer using formats such as CSV, XML and text files. However due to a particular customer requirement, ExFusion also contains a module for the import and export of CSV files. Since this functionality was added, it has been left in the core product for all future customers to make use of if required.

Another important feature that has been added after customer feedback is the ability to select different databases for different tables. This is particularly useful when customers are using varied databases and applications for reporting on their data. This functionality allows for customers to synchronise multiple databases to gain a better overview of their company data.