Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is a new regulation set in place by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for VAT-registered organisations. Businesses will need to implement all record-keeping and VAT returns on digital systems. With the Government Gateway site being phased out, VAT returns will need to be carried out with the use of their ERP of choice, ExVAT can help you do that.

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MTD Diagram
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At Exchequer Dynamics, we understand the importance of such functionality and always aim to deliver an efficient solution for customers. We have meticulously integrated Advanced Exchequer with the MTD API, developing a foolproof system to bridge the gap between your business and HMRC to provide them with figures from your Advanced Exchequer. Having adhered to their specific requirements, we are HMRC recognised and have successfully created our signature product ExVAT.

Our ExVAT package includes a software client for your business to access our online ExVAT Portal, both of which are supported by our secure/encrypted ExFramework database connection to Advanced Exchequer. You will have access to the following features:

  • View your Open and Fulfilled Obligations
  • View your Liabilities
  • View your Payments
  • View and submit your VAT Returns
  • Import Advanced Exchequer HTML output files
  • Import CSV output files
  • Compatible with all versions of Advanced Exchequer
  • Complete data privacy with encrypted data transferral
  • A robust and reliable system
  • Simple interface for ease of use for efficient access and submissions
  • Submit VAT figures for your Tax Period
  • VAT due in this period on Sales and other outputs
  • VAT due in this period on Acquisition from other EC Member States
  • Total VAT due
  • VAT reclaimed in this period on Purchases and other inputs
  • NET VAT to be paid to Customs or reclaimed
  • Total value of Sales and all other outputs excluding VAT
  • Total value of Purchases and all other inputs excluding VAT
  • Total value of all supplies of goods and related services excluding VAT
  • Total value of all acquisitions of goods and related services excluding VAT