We integrate other business systems with Advanced Exchequer accounting software

Exchequer Dynamics have over 10 years of experience creating solutions and supporting Pervasive and MSSQL Advanced Exchequer, both server and desktop client side. Our head office is based in Christchurch, Dorset and our technical centre is in Rushden, Northamptonshire.

We are a total solution provider covering application development, personalised support, hardware and network infrastructure. Our core business is integrating other business systems with the award-winning Advanced Exchequer accounting software, ERP and business management solution. We also offer colocation services including Cloud solutions, IBM server hardware supply, network, storage, Sophos security software and telecommunications.

Our customer base covers a diverse variety of industry sectors with businesses ranging from small-to-medium enterprises to mid-market institutions located in the UK and Ireland, and further afield in Europe and the US. It’s our mission to better understand our customers’ bespoke needs for an efficient service, and it’s this attention to detail which garners frequent positive feedback from them.

Our software skills are underwritten with development tools such as Delphi, C#, .Net, C++ and ASP.NET. Our ongoing success has been built on our ability to listen to and understand the nuance of our customers’ individual requirements, applying the most appropriate solution while taking costs and their future growth into consideration.

Exchequer Dynamics About

Where Exchequer Dynamics Started

Jason Richards, with a background in software development in Delphi from the very first release in 1995 and a background working as a contractor to the MOD and Deutsche Bank where he was involved with projects for low-level file access control and root cause analysis, was commissioned by Turbo Dynamics Ltd to integrate Exchequer with its bespoke CRM solution and other back end systems. Afterwards began a journey that resulted in the formation of Exchequer Dynamics Limited.

Turbo Dynamics, a forward-thinking engineering business specialising in turbochargers for the last 30 years, became a client of Jason’s in 2006. Peter Marsh, founder and Managing Director of Turbo Dynamics Ltd, developed the company’s early internal systems with a DOS-based database. And was looking to replace these internal systems with Exchequer Enterprise. However, the Exchequer system only catered for 80% of the company’s needs. Therefore Jason developed a bespoke MS SQL based software program that included a bespoke CRM, web online ordering systems and other back-office databases that all needed to integrate with Exchequer. 

As a result, Peter soon realised that there were severe performance issues with a dynamic link to Exchequer. Hence Jason opted to develop a synchronisation tool. Having to deal with 65,000 stock records that needed to be processed for data conversion however, there were many issues. Consequently, Jason thought up, developed and deployed ExSync, a database synchronisation tool that is still running the same backend integration today.

Subsequently, Jason Richards realised the commercial possibilities of the product he had developed and so pleased with the results Turbo Dynamics MD Peter Marsh decided to invest further in the technology and help take it to the open market. A classic story of a customer turned investor. As a result, Jason and Peter formed Exchequer Dynamics Limited.


Exporting the reported data with all the formatting straight into MS Excel takes seconds and has enabled us to report quickly and become more efficient. With over 65,000 stock records, some of our Exchequer stock reports take over 8 minutes to run which leaves you as a user wondering whether the program has crashed. The same reports are executed in seconds with ExSync & ExReport. As a result I invested in Exchequer Dynamics. ExSync is the product to watch in 2010 as it will transform the life of businesses using Exchequer.
Peter Marsh
Managing Director
“It is very straight forward and easy to use! “ "I cannot help but be a little bit excited about this. This ExWeb software is amazing so far." "If I have to manually sync and order, I place an order and manually sync it and it works instantaneously!" "Very fast, neat , and easy to use. No clutter."
Archie David
IT Officer
"Cool, actually takes a few seconds longer to load the product code…..but it really is instant when you add the products up and drop it in the shopping basket. No more waiting for the products to add……………result!"
Louise Hickman Bull
Sales Coordinator
“Jason is a master at integrating Exchequer software with other systems. He is passionate about developing good quality software and providing excellent customer service.” October 13, 2011 “Peter Marsh is an entrepreneur and Exchequer expert. He has a wide breadth of business experience and excellent accounting skills which helped us accelerate the completion an E-commerce website project. He explains complex ideas and technical jargons in a language that is simple to understand. I enjoyed working with him and I highly recommend him to anyone who is thinking about integrating their Exchequer with E-commerce website.”
Archie David
IT Officer
"Thanks for getting the warehouse integration with Exchequer done and sorted! A great job done to integrate Exchequer with with our Warehouse Management System".
Chris Barton
Project Manager