OpenText Freeway Cloud

OpenText Freeway Cloud facilitates the exchange of business documents with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for B2B connectivity for Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs), Orders, Invoices & Payments.

Our OpenText API Service integration bridges the gap between Advanced Exchequer & OpenText Freeway Cloud.

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What is OpenText Freeway?

OpenText Freeway empowers businesses to optimise various aspects of B2B processes, including the challenges of ERP modernisation. Automation via electronic trading is a key factor for cost-effective and optimised operations for SMBs looking to expand within their sector. This is increasingly important when exchanging business documents with the use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to meet the requirements of enterprise buyers and vendors.
Some of the benefits of this solution are:

  • The ability to handle many document types for the delivery standard for international trading including EDIFACT, ANSI, XML & Tradacoms
  • Industry standard communications protocols for secure & efficient data connectivity such as AS2, FTP & SFTP
  • Intuitive user interface to easily & rapidly identify the status of documents
  • A library of pre-built data maps & forms for swift connections with logistics leaders such as Amazon, Costco, Target, CVS, Nordstrom & Walmart
  • Updates & upgrades to facilitate longer term scalability

OpenText API Service Module

We have increasingly encountered customers who have needed a solution to integrate Advanced Exchequer with OpenText Freeway Cloud. The on-premise Freeway system used COM, but this isn’t transferable to the Cloud solution.

Despite the fluctuating needs of an evolving market, there is currently no active Exchequer integration available, hindering growth for SMBs looking to expand their purview of trade. Using consumer feedback and building upon our prior knowledge and experience in Data Transport development with EDIFACT, we have developed our OpenText API Service module.

OpenText API Service Module Features

We have developed 4 readily available primary functions for the OpenText module:

  • Reading ORD files in order
  • Converting them into an SOR/SQU in Exchequer
  • Moving the files into an archive directory
  • Collecting SIN data for the previously imported SOR/SQU transactions from Exchequer
  • Transforming them into INV files
  • Placing them in a destination directory
  • Collecting SCR data for the previously imported SOR/SQU transactions from Exchequer
  • Transforming them into CRN files
  • Placing them in a destination directory
Failure Checks
  • Checking for failed SOR/SQU imports
  • Moving the ORD files of any found from the archive directory to the failed directory for future review
  • Sending a notification email to the recipient of choice

These functions can be arranged into two groups – those that operate in scope of transaction imports, and those that operate in the scope of transaction exports.

Any additional functionality and customisation required is possible with some scoping and subsequent development.