Business Intelligence

Empower your organisation with Business Intelligence tools to gain insight into how you are performing and where you can improve.

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Business Intelligence Reporting

We are able to offer you tools that can aid in reporting on your business such as our own ExReport and ExSync software. These will be mentioned in this topic a few times, for more information you can read our ExReport – Data Reporting section as well as our ExSync – Data Synchronisation section.

These tools offer you the ability to collect and analyse both historical and current data so that you are able to inspect data trends and use that information to make key business decisions for growth.

With these solutions, you have the ability to see where your business is performing its best as well as an insight into where improvements could be made.

We developed these tools for use with Advanced Exchequer however they are perfectly capable of being used for non-Exchequer data.

Advanced Exchequer

Our products are suitable for both the Pervasive SQL (PSQL) and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) edition of Advanced Exchequer.

For the PSQL Edition, we have our own product, ExSync, to manage data extraction from the backed up database of Advanced Exchequer.

By extracting the data from the Pervasive edition, we can greatly increase the scope of data reporting in terms of size and speed, whilst maintaining the accuracy of the Advanced Exchequer decimal point precision.

To create more complex reports, we use our ExReport product. ExReport is a visual query builder for MSSQL and Oracle MySQL databases, with a drag-and-drop interface with pivot grid and chart capabilities.

We can use ExReport to conduct reporting on various aspects of your business.

Creating reports based on anything you may want:

  • Stock levels
  • Sales by your criteria
  • Customers
  • Daily, Monthly, Yearly sales patterns
  • Stock uptime
  • BOM availability and could build values

If you are a user of Advanced Exchequer, you may not know that it comes with a variety of reports that you can run. We can offer the service of running these reports for you and translating them into a Business Intelligence readable format.