Exchequer Software Development

From a simple but useful plugin to a full-blown integration, Exchequer Dynamics can provide you with bespoke software development that you need to get the most from your Advanced Exchequer

Software Development

Software Development

We have a dedicated team of extremely knowledgeable developers with many years of software development experience to work with or integrate with Advanced Exchequer. Between them there is very little, if anything, they can’t achieve with close cooperation with you. Initial scoping, coding iterations of functionality and usability testing all take place with constant feedback from you. We will keep refining processes and their logic until you’re happy with the final solution.

Our development team can advise on the many achievable possibilities to create and integrate bespoke plugins, software and services with your Advanced Exchequer. Data driven solutions are one of our areas of expertise and we have an extensive background in implementing them. We can even simply build some bespoke software that either stands alone or as an extension of your Advanced Exchequer.


One example of our plugin skills is our ExAddress solution. It allows you to carry out postcode lookup when editing or adding customer or supplier records. We understand the need for efficiency with accurate address information, and it guarantees that you’re always presented with a postcode lookup option when saving or editing an address. Unlike other quick address lookup systems, our ExAddress plugin is fully integrated within Advanced Exchequer as a DLL.


We currently have four Ex-Commerce offerings to fully integrate Advanced Exchequer with your choice of ecommerce website:

We can provide you with full two-way synchronisation and real-time reporting with your live data. Your stock, stock quantities, customer and supplier records, order and transactional information will always be up to date.