Offering Bespoke Integration with Advanced Exchequer, such as Two-way synchronisation for Customer accounts and Importing orders.

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ExCommerce: Bespoke

We can potentially integrate Advanced Exchequer with any e-commerce or similar data-driven system. If you need to automate data input into or out of Advanced Exchequer we may be able to help.

As long as the system in question is open to one or some of the following possibilities:

  • Database to database data flow. Import data into input tables then convert this data into the system tables by use of stored procedures, triggers or events so any required logic can be applied.
  • API communication. Use a structured API, like REST endpoints, to read and convert data into Advanced Exchequer as well as converting Advanced Exchequer data into the API format.
  • Flat file communication. Use flat files to pass data between systems, like CSV or XML files.
  • Vendor cooperation. With the cooperation of the vendor, finding a solution will be easier and less time-consuming.

Generally, bespoke integrations come at the highest cost, however, for this expense, you can build the integration to your needs and grow it alongside your own growth. Power and flexibility as you need them.

The usual data that is converted and transferred:

Customer and Supplier accounts

  • Addresses
  • Financials
  • Discounts


  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Expenses


  • Availability
  • Quantities and adjustments
  • Bills of material

We are happy to look at any potential integration and advise you on possible solutions as best we can.