Exchequer Consultancy

Offering you our consultancy services with our vast knowledge on Advanced Exchequer, ready to combat any enquires you throw at us.

Exchequer Consultancy


Exchequer Dynamics was formed over 15 years ago when the founding directors who were already Advanced Exchequer users, formerly known as IRIS Exchequer, found that both support and the development of Advanced Exchequer were hard to find. We now have staff all over the world who specialise in providing counsel on all matters Advanced Exchequer and really are top of their game, their combined knowledge is arguably the most comprehensive you will find.

From teaching new staff the basics of using Advanced Exchequer, to the complexities it’s full of, such as adding additional fields or integrating with a third-party product, we can teach you what you need to know to allow you to keep Advanced Exchequer and your business running smoothly.

The team is friendly and approachable, if you think your company may benefit from some time spent with our consultants, get in touch and let us know what it is you’re looking to gain and learn, we can then advise if our help is appropriate and give you an idea on how long you will need along with costings.