Exchequer Backups

Backup your Advanced Exchequer data reliably via block based methods or compressed full backups.

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Backing up Advanced Exchequer

Three questions to consider about your Advanced Exchequer backups:

  • Are your backups working?
  • How do you know?
  • Have you ever needed to restore a backup?

Backup solutions typically check for alterations in filesize and the ‘last modified’ timestamp in order to facilitate backups. With Advanced Exchequer, it is often the case that neither of these parameters change within Microsoft Windows despite the ongoing modifications to records and transactions over the course of a regular day of financial processing. A lot of backup solutions use these factors to detect file change differences between backups, and as such this method is not a reliable long term option.

As dependable as some solutions are, if you have never had to restore a backup for Advanced Exchequer, you would never know if it has effectively worked as expected. Chances are, if your backup solution uses the method described above, your restored data would fail with very little else you could do about it! We have encountered this very issue with a number of customers who have come to us for assistance. They have faced detrimental losses with their data with substantial time and money spent rectifying the damage to their Exchequer company.

We use both of the following options to ensure that the backup restores correctly and, more importantly, completely without issues:

  • Block-level based backups: this option detects differences in actual data and not based on Microsoft Windows time.
  • Compressed full backups: the entirety of the Advanced Exchequer data is saved and compressed to save storage space.

Further details regarding the complete set of backup services we provide can be seen here: Backup, Data Forensics & Data Recovery