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A word from our clients

Exporting the reported data with all the formatting straight into MS Excel takes seconds and has enabled us to report quickly and become more efficient. With over 65,000 stock records, some of our Exchequer stock reports take over 8 minutes to run which leaves you as a user wondering whether the program has crashed. The same reports are executed in seconds with ExSync & ExReport. As a result I invested in Exchequer Dynamics. ExSync is the product to watch in 2010 as it will transform the life of businesses using Exchequer.

“It is very straight forward and easy to use! “

"I cannot help but be a little bit excited about this. This ExWeb software is amazing so far."

"If I have to manually sync and order, I place an order and manually sync it and it works instantaneously!"

"Very fast, neat , and easy to use. No clutter."

"Cool, actually takes a few seconds longer to load the product code…..but it really is instant when you add the products up and drop it in the shopping basket. No more waiting for the products to add……………result!"

“Jason is a master at integrating Exchequer software with other systems. He is passionate about developing good quality software and providing excellent customer service.” October 13, 2011

“Peter Marsh is an entrepreneur and Exchequer expert. He has a wide breadth of business experience and excellent accounting skills which helped us accelerate the completion an E-commerce website project. He explains complex ideas and technical jargons in a language that is simple to understand. I enjoyed working with him and I highly recommend him to anyone who is thinking about integrating their Exchequer with E-commerce website.” April 30, 2012

"Thanks for getting the warehouse integration with Exchequer done and sorted! A great job done to integrate Exchequer with with our Warehouse Management System". - 8th November 2011