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Pervasive PSQL Version 11
Pervasive PSQL Version 11

"High Performance, Low Maintenance Database Technology"

If you have a small or midsized business (SMB) and are looking for a perfect database, Pervasive SQL is for you. Over the last 25 years it has been constantly refined to fix issues that are vital to these businesses. Some of these issues involve:

  • Easy upgrades.
  • Self-tuning and self-optimising.
  • Consistent application performance.
  • Reliable processes without the requirement of a DB administrator.
  • Simple (sometimes transparent) installations.
  • Backwards compatibility.
  • Migration path to new OS and hardware platforms.

Pervasive PSQL is designed to simplify development and deployment. It reduces the challenges of implementing new technologies such as:

  • Multi-core Processing.
  • Windows 7.
  • Windows Server 2008.
  • Linux Distributions.
  • 64-bit Computing.

Key Features

Maintenance Free Operations

By providing maintenance-free operations, Pervasive PSQL guarantees that you will have the ability to focus on meeting your business requirements rather than spending time on reworking and downtime.

  • Avoid minor networking problems with Auto-Reconnect technology. This technology allows you to seamlessly reconnect workstations to the server engine when there is a network error.
  • Elimination of typical timewasting tracking tasks via archival and tracking logging.
  • The Pervasive System Analyser allows you to eliminate the deployment issues involved in component management.
  • Backwards compatibility to your own legacy databases and applications with support.
  • Eliminate the need to re-master your database environment when crossing platforms using dynamic parameters.
  • Independence of the Server/Requestor version radically streamlines your deployment.
  • Ensure that you have optimal performance without the need for manual involvement using:
    • Dynamic cache operations.
    • Index balancing.
    • Instantaneous files allocations.

Cross Platform Support

This enables development and deployment over multiple platforms. This includes 32-bit and 64 bit Windows and Linux, and also Netware. Pervasive PSQL provides the ability to write your application once, and then deploy it across multiple platforms. There is a common API for engine platforms. This provides your application a singular code base which, in turn, allows you to port without having to rewrite any code. You can move your database from one operating system to another, using the binary compatibility among different platforms.

Flexible Deployment and Great Scalability

You can scale Pervasive PSQL from a desktop to a high-performance server capable of supporting high-volume environments.

  • You can easily recover any changes made to your data files between the time of the last system failure and backup using the complete transaction processing and recovery.
  • The Btrieve transactional API is a high performance tool which provides fast access to your data.
  • You can back up your files even when they are in use by an application.
  • Your vital data is always safe and available, thanks to the data safety and recovery features.
  • You can easily migrate from a workstation to workgroup client or server without the need to make changes to the application code.
  • Guarantees the integrity of your database through transaction durability.

Robust Developer Tools and Support

As an application developer you need to use the right tools in order to meet the demands of today’s rapidly-changing technology environment. An integrated application development environment will provide you with these tools:

  • Invisible deployment of the database engine as part of your business application via the Full Installation Toolkit.
  • What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) development tools with complete software development kit (SDK).
  • Active X controls.
  • Pure Java Interface.
  • Pervasive PSQL provides you with flexible architecture through performance of transactional data access and relation access through a SQL engine. This delivers rapid access to your data across all relational data access methods, including ODBC, OLE DB, JDBC, etc.
  • Pervasive PSQL also provides support for widely used development environments. These include, but are not limited to, Visual C++, Visual Basic, .NET, Java and Delphi.

Exchequer Requirements

You will require Exchequer version 6.8 onwards in order to upgrade to PSQL v11

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