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The Benefits of migrating your IT Infrastructure to a dedicated Data Centre?

There are good reasons why a company may choose to locate their IT infrastructure in a data centre, one being that they don’t have any physical space to house the servers they need. To run efficiently and maintain reliability, servers need to be in a dust free and air conditioned environment with a steady optimum temperature of 68° to 75°F (20° to 24°C) and between 40% and 60% relative humidity and therefore a dedicated Comms room is required.

Another reason may be that they don’t have the IT resource or finance to develop and maintain a dedicated Comms room or data centre.

Colocation and Cloud computing

Colocation is a solution which allows you to expand your server resource without the finance required to develop and maintain a data centre or comms room and the ever-increasing server space. This is covered by the first benefit listed below:


Data centres are designed to feature redundancy and benefit from round the clock physical security and CCTV monitoring of the facility. These measures protect your data from any potential threat and help to keep your data online.

For an example of this, you can view the security for our Northampton data centre by clicking here.


By locating your infrastructure in a purpose built data centre rather than building your own comms room is much more cost effective, and saves on huge financial investment.

It is not just the build of the data centre or comms room itself that is expensive, powering and running the facility itself is a large cost, not to mention the dedicated on-site support team and other resources.


By choosing to collocate in a data centre, you are no longer limited by your organization’s ability to expand whilst maintaining your power, bandwidth and support you need.


Businesses that house their server(s) and data on-site run the risk of suffering downtime if there is no provision for power redundancy and fail over. When you collocate in a data centre you are provided with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for uptime and N+1 redundancy.

This drastically reduces the risk of suffering any downtime and business interruption.

As you may be aware, one of the services we offer at Exchequer Dynamics is the option of Hosted IT Service Solutions.

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