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Real-time Order Processing

New Real-time Order Processing Updates

Live Clock AnimationOur customers have been so successful with their Exchequer Integrated e-commerce solutions some seeing a 75% increase in sales each month. This has led to a requirement for automated order status alerts.
Setting ourselves apart from the competition Exchequer Dynamics has integrated an order-by-order status alerts system with Exchequer.
At each stage of the day book process a status flag can be directed to the website as follows:-

  • SQU - Sales Quote = Order is received.
  • SOR - Sales Order = Order is in process.
  • SDN - Sales Delivery Note = Order Picking.
  • SIN - Sales Invoice - Order Invoiced and Out for Delivery.


Live Order Smart Phone

With order integration into couriers and Royal mail tracking numbers can be fed back to the website and alerts generated for customers.

This is the first stage in being able to automate internal processes so that at each stage of the order process automation can be added using Exchequer as the control centre for operations.

The speed with which online orders need to be processed these days is increasing. To stay ahead of the competition, not only do you have to compete on price, you also have to get it to the customer fast.

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