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Magento Integration

Magento Integration

Becoming a victim of your own success can be a huge problem for Exchequer customers who are successful with eCommerce. Unfortunately there are no enterprise eCommerce solutions capable of managing clusters of front end servers and clustered backend data base systems.

Sage MigrationThe result is a big marketing campaign and web promotion which could bring your webserver down with millions of visitors. This has happened to one of our customers and so we decided to look at a scalable solution for eCommerce that could meet all our customer needs from toe in the water eCommerce to enterprise clusters.

We found it in Magento, an open source to enterprise solution that is both extensible and totally flexible, not unlike Exchequer.

As a result we have engaged in a 6 month development project to create our own direct SOAP/REST integration with Magento that will do away with cumbersome import/export CSV and XML files and use a combination of ExFusion code and new configurable services to create a virtual real time data flow for orders, stock, customers, account discounts and any other data into and out of Exchequer.

Sage MigrationFor the first time there will be a fully integrated Magento Open Source eCommerce solution that coupled with our ExFusion platform will give Exchequer customers real scalable enterprise eCommerce that can grow with the business without having to change platforms with growth.

The design agencies will simply have to re-skin the site and add functionality. Underneath the ExFusion framework will grow with every Exchequer release and at the same time have room for customisation to meet bespoke customer business requirements.

We are already working with existing Exchequer Magento customers and developers to bring this complete end to end solution to all Exchequer customers.

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