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ExSync: Service - 78% Faster!

Having listened to our current and potential customers, Exchequer Dynamics have taken the current data conversion application ExSync to the next level as a Windows service.

A service is designed to be a 24/7, background process to perform specific functions and generally does not require user intervention. As far as ExSync is concerned it has been designed to be ‘set and forget’.

As part of the companies ‘Quality without Compromise’ ethos the development team have been looking further at memory management, data throughput and enhancing overall performance.
The result of the hard work is impressive and rewarding:-

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The ExSync Windows Service Application has a staggering 78% increase in performance and 30% drop in memory usage over the existing ExSync product (v. which is already renowned as the fastest tool on the market for data extraction from the Exchequer accounting system. This represents a worthwhile upgrade for customers with larger data sets.

We have bench-tested both products using an average sized companies data for a three-year period, extracting 1,538,019 records from Exchequer.

The graph below shows the synchronisation time dropping from nearly 2½ hours to just 30 minutes!

We also tested the memory usage for the service. We tested using 4GB of RAM (Memory allocation for the service), which is the recommended amount of memory to achieve the best results.

(For more information on the specifications of the bench-test PC, please see the end of this news post.)

You can see from the graph the memory usage has decreased by 30% when using the Windows Service Application!

The records processed per second is equally as staggering with the new ‘Service’ crunching through nearly 850 records per second.

For full report data – please read out ExSync: Service comparison document:

Adobe PDF Icon - ExSync: Service Comparison

Benchtest Computer Specifications: Lenovo D-30 - Memory – 24GB (6X4GB ECC UDIMM)
- Processor – Xeon E5-2660
- Hard Drive - 1x2TB SATA/7200rpm
- Operating System - Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit
- Graphics Card - Nvidia Quadro5000 (2.5GB)

The new ExSync Windows Service Application is currently being beta tested at Edinburgh Telford College where Exchequer Dynamics is contracted to deliver integration with IBM’s Cognos Business Intelligence platform. EDL is working in partnership with award-winning IBM Cognos partner Barrachd to deliver the multi-dimensional OLAP cube technology to the college’s finance department. The power of this technology and the speed with which organizations can analyze large amounts of data has to be seen to be believed. OLAP cubes are a critical business intelligence tool for the competitive and forward-thinking enterprise. The ExSync Windows Service will be due for general release at the end of Q2. For our existing customers currently using the standard ExSync application, there will be an upgrade path to the new ‘Service’.
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Stuart is in charge of system management, second line support and is an assistant to our technical director.