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ExSync for Exchequer is Fast, Reliable & Affordable
ExSync for Exchequer is Fast, Reliable & Affordable
Exchequer Data Conversion
Exchequer Data Conversion
  • ExSync for Exchequer is Fast, Reliable & Affordable
  • Exchequer Data Conversion

ExSync Data Conversion & Synchronisation For Exchequer

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ExSync is a multi-threaded application that connects to the Pervasive SQL server via ODBC and synchronises the Exchequer data to MS SQL Server or Oracle MySQL. In the process it converts all of the Exchequer field values that are stored as split integers and also the dates stored as text converted to date time values. Because it is multi-threaded it can connect to many tables at once and synchronise multiple data streams of data.

ExSync has allowed us to get control of our balance sheet discrepancies and maintain proper stock control (Kelly Bruce. Puls UK Limited)...

The software does not have any dependencies other than the requirement of a Pervasive ODBC client and a MS SQL Server to write data to.

One of the problems facing Exchequer customers using Exchequer CRM and other tools is that the data synchronisation takes all night. With ExSync, millions of records an hour can be processed and the data can be used in any other CRM system.

The number of Exchequer companies is unlimited and the MS SQL/MySQL server schema can either be an independent database or can form part of an existing database so that queries can be built across applications. Indeed, the MS SQL/MySQL configuration within ExSync allows for multiple SQL databases. Using simple stored procedures, the data extracted can be posted in any or many other systems.

We have designed this application with power, flexibility and ease of use in mind. The whole ethos of the development has been to produce a suite of tools that allow for rapid reporting and analysis of the data. Now available with extended memory usage on 64bit Windows and automated archiving of transactions. Enhanced performance doubling the batch processing speeds.

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