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ExReport Pivot Edition

ExReport Pivot Edition
ExReport Pivot Edition

The Pivot view is only available in the Pivot version of ExReport. For a video example of the Pivot view, please check the links under ExReport at the top of the page. This feature enables you to summarise and analyse data in lists and tables. Pivot tables are called such because you can quickly rearrange the position of pivot table fields to give you a different view of the table.

Because ExReport allows you to query the database any way you like with SQL, a result set is output to the Pivot and you can arrange the data in many different ways to sum the totals and create elaborate views of the data not possible in Exchequer.

The performance of ExReport is such that reports that take hours to create can be done in minutes.

A simple double click on a value in the Pivot drills down to the actual query records that make up the summary.

With the drag-and-drop functionality, it allows you to rearrange fields in the view dynamically, without having to change the structure of the data store. They can interchange columns and rows on the fly, filter and sort items in different ways, and also collapse and expand data at different levels. Thus the desired report can be obtained immediately. A side benefit is that no code is required for generating reports of different types. Data is analysed from a user's perspective.

You may find it handy, if you need to:

- Produce multi-dimensional reports on a set of an ordinary data.
- Analyse the data that is involved in a multi-dimensional relationship.
- Instantly organise related data together.
- Spot trends of the data in the fastest way.

Along with the solutions to the above tasks, the Pivot table offers an essential functionality to succeed in business reporting.

The Pivot Edition of ExReport also contains an integrated charting module, allowing quick and easy generation of charts for reporting.

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