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ExFusion Server

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There are many issues when integrating with Exchequer. If you have had experience in trying to do so you will know that the road is fraught with trials and tribulations. The off the shelf solutions are few, narrow and dated. The bespoke route is costly, problematic and time consuming.

Our new flagship product, ExFusion, bridges the gap between migration to other systems and integration with other best of breed solutions that can extend your Exchequer investment. With integrations already completed in eCommerce, IBM Cognos and Keymas Warehouse Management, we are well on the way to making the process very easy and cost efficient.

Please to take the time to watch this short video for a quick view of our exciting platform.

If you do not have speakers, scroll further down for a text-based analysis:

ExFusion is a multi layer data conduit to connect external applications and solutions to the core Exchequer financials. It ‘wraps’ Exchequer and manages data extraction, synchronisation and data write back for virtually any database driven application. The number of integrations possible is infinite and the choice is yours. ExFusion offers simplicity, faster data transfer and real cost savings.

For a list of completed and current integrations, please view our flyer:

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