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Exchequer Dynamics Contact Manager
Exchequer Dynamics Contact Manager

ExContact is now fully compatible with the Exchequer TeleSales module.

ExContact is a plugin for Exchequer to manage contacts adding additional functionality. Optional ExAddress Postcode lookup and verification.

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One of the simple features is the ability to choose whether to pull in the Company Account address details on inserting a new contact.

Additional Fields Include:- Company Name, Mobile Number, All Address Lines & Notes.

Features Include:-

  1. Additional Fields
  2. Searchable Columns
  3. Filters on all columns
  4. Column sorting
  5. Record View as you scroll
  6. Label Printing (Optional)
  7. Postcode Lookup (Optional)
  8. MSSQL Express or Full MSSQL database
  9. Open access to data
  10. Fully compatible with the Exchequer TeleSales module>

      Label Printing Option Includes:-

      1. Define label measurements
      2. Insert Text, Tables, Circles, Lines, Paragraph, Symbols, Polytext, BarCodes and Images
      3. Send To Back, Bring To Front. Aligns.
      4. Load and Save the labels.
      5. Print and Preview
      6. Configure backgrounds (colour, gradients or image)
      7. Zoom and Snap To Grid.
      8. Undo - Redo the actions
      9. Units in mm or inches. (precision 0,01 mm)

EAN 8, EAN 13, UPCA, UPCE 0, CODE 39, EAN 128A, EAN 128B, EAN 128C, CODE 39 EX, CODE 93, CODE 93 EX, CODABAR, INTER_25, INDUS_25, MATRIX_25, CODE 11, MSI, POSTNET, CODE 128A, CODE128B, CODE 128C. 2D PDF417

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