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<h4>Ex-Commerce is now compatible with Exchequer – Microsoft SQL Edition! </h4>

Ex-Commerce is now compatible with Exchequer – Microsoft SQL Edition!

We are delighted to announce our eCommerce solution
Ex-Commerce has been released and is now compatible with both the Pervasive and Microsoft SQL Editions of the Exchequer accounting system.

Ex-Commerce provides fully integrated eCommerce with orders written directly into Exchequer as sales quotations or sales orders respecting customer currency types, discount matrix and credit control as part of its standard core features.
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The only eCommerce solution designed specifically for Exchequer accounting software

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Unlike other eCommerce platforms that exchange limited data with numerous other accounting packages,
Ex-Commerce has been designed exclusively around the way Exchequer works.

Exchequer customers who use other eCommerce systems live with the pain and frustration of rounding differences and fudges to try and reconcile web orders to the accounts.

With Ex-Commerce there are no rounding differences and all discounts precisely match; whether it is in single currency or multi currencies. No other system can match this decimal precision.

Key Features at a glance



Account Codes

Website Solution

Mobile device


Fully SEO

All price bands, discounts and customer settings are synchronised as a fully automated process

Our Exchequer integration eCommerce solution will automatically synchronise your on-line shop with your Exchequer in near real time. As you change product information such as stock levels, pricing, discounts, customers and more in Exchequer - these changes will automatically be transferred to your on-line shop. When a new customer registers on the web site and successfully makes a payment their details will be transferred into Exchequer each with their own unique account code. Orders taken will also be transferred to Exchequer sales order daybook reflecting their account status and all relevant discounts.

Ex-Commerce Data Transfer

Extending your Exchequer investment

The Ex-Commerce Exchequer Integration extends your investment in Exchequer in many different ways:

  • Dramatically reduce order processing time
  • Eliminate human data entry errors
  • Trade customers create their own orders
  • Sales reps can create an order for any account
  • Exchequer customer discounts synchronised

Unlike any other product, it is a fully functional task managed scheduler that executes task threads to process data at lightning speeds. Tests have shown that 200 orders can be input into Exchequer in 15 seconds.

There are no text files or xml or temporary documents to worry about. As long as there is a network connection between web server and data server the system works. When connectivity is lost the orders are queued up on the web server and are downloaded on the next polling.

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