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With our head office based in Christchurch, Dorset and technical centre in Rushden, Northamptonshire, Exchequer Dynamics is a total solution provider covering hardware and networks, application development and personalised support already proven to be the envy of others in our industry. Our customer base ranges from SME's through to mid-market institutions in the UK and Eire and covers a wide and diverse range of industry sectors.

Our core business is integrating other business systems with the award-winning Exchequer accounting software, ERP & Business Management Solution. Other solutions include collocated services including cloud solutions, IBM server hardware supply, network, storage and Sophos security solutions as well as telecommunications.

Our Software skills are underwritten with development tools, such as Delphi, C#, .Net, C++, ASP.NET and our success has been built on our ability to listen to and understand an organisation's individual needs and requirements and then applying the most appropriate solution.
Directors and shareholders are Jason Richards and Peter Marsh.

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Our Roots owner Jason Richards, with a background in software development in Delphi from the very first release in 1995 and a background working as a contractor to the MOD and Deutsche Bank where he was involved with projects for low level file access control and root cause analysis was commissioned by Turbo Dynamics Ltd to integrate Exchequer with its bespoke CRM solution and other back end systems. Here began a journey that resulted in the formation of Exchequer Dynamics Limited.

Peter Marsh, founder and Managing Director of Turbo Dynamics Limited, a forward thinking engineering business specialising in Turbochargers for the last 27 years, developed the company's early internal systems with a DOS based database.

Peter Marsh moved the company to the Exchequer enterprise system in 2006, which proved to be a painful migration process. The Exchequer system only catered for 80% of the company's needs and so Jason Richards developed a bespoke MS SQL based software program to bridge that 20% gap. This included a bespoke CRM, web on-line ordering systems and other back office databases that all needed to integrate with Exchequer. It was soon realised that there were severe performance issues with a dynamic link to Exchequer and so Jason opted to develop a synchronisation tool. In dealing with 65,000 stock records that all had to be processed for data conversion, there were many issues. Jason, not a person defeated by the impossible threw his life and soul at the project, all the time running and, offering solutions in servers, storage and network security systems.

Cracking Exchequer's complexities and idiosyncrasies became an obsession. He created a database synchronization tool and ExSync was born and has been running the back end integration for TD since January 2009.

Jason Richards realised the commercial possibilities of the product he had developed and so pleased with the results Turbo Dynamics MD Peter Marsh decided to invest further in the technology and help take it to the open market. A classic story of customer turned investor. Exchequer Dynamics Limited was formed.

Providing solutions to business from Banks to Engineers has given Jason Richards a rich understanding of what business really needs to make IT work.

So impressed with the product and its potential for other frustrated Exchequer users, Peter Marsh's involvement sees a "feet on the ground" approach with real-life business requirements being the focus for development. Peter also brings to the table his years of experience in business together with his knowledge of Exchequer and taking a product from concept through to marketing and worldwide sales.

Testimonial and view from EDL's first customer

As a frustrated Exchequer user often dismayed at the slowness of reporting and the difficulties in accessing our own data we were forced into looking at the software in far more detail than we wanted or had time for. At the same time we had commissioned Healing Breeze to develop a bespoke MS SQL based database and interface to run other aspects of our business and processes. This included areas of the Exchequer software that, by their own admission, did not work properly or were lacking in functionality.

Linking into the Pervasive SQL soon threw up numerous problems and complete disbelief at the construction and complexity of the Pervasive database tables. We wanted access to "our" data and then to be able to use it as we wished both in terms of integration with our own other back office systems and asp web databases.

Accessing the Pervasive database directly had caused a huge performance hit on our own SQL based software and so another solution was required. Healing Breeze developed a data synchronization tool and I was amazed at the speed in which this software performed. Suddenly, we had "our" data in an industry standard format that was accessible.
There were problems during the development but Healing Breeze's service and support were second to none and we suffered little, if any, downtime. At the same time a query builder was developed and it was this that really got my attention. The ability to quickly and easily show all the database fields from a table on the screen allowed me to start to understand what was what. To form complex queries and reports with data from multiple tables was easy and would have taken hours to try and achieve using Exchequer's Visual Report Writer or a big consultancy invoice for an 'expert' to come in.

The ExSync product is lightning fast and ExReport is amazing; the power of the grids to manipulate the data and the speed in which it does it has to be seen to be believed.
Exporting the reported data with all the formatting straight into MS Excel takes seconds and has enabled us to report quickly and become more efficient. With over 65,000 stock records, some of our Exchequer stock reports take over 8 minutes to run which leaves you as a user wondering whether the program has crashed. The same reports are executed in seconds with ExSync & ExReport. As a result, I invested in Exchequer Dynamics. ExSync is the product to watch in 2010 as it will transform the life of businesses using Exchequer.

Peter Marsh
MD Turbo Dynamics Ltd
Director Exchequer Dynamics Ltd