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ExReport is the client query/reporting engine that connects to the data synchronised by ExSync the multi-threaded application that connects to the Pervasive SQL server via ODBC and synchronizes the data to Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle MySQL. (version dependant)


A number of useful features have been built in to allow visual query building, export to Excel and PDF reporting. As a result complex queries can be constructed and the data output in a fraction of the time it takes Exchequer to process.


The software does not have any dependencies other than the requirement of either MS SQL Server or Oracle MySQL to read data from.


The number of Exchequer companies is unlimited and the MS SQL/MySQL server schema can either be an independent database or can form part of an existing database so that queries can be built across applications. Indeed, the MS SQL/MySQL configuration within ExReport allows for multiple SQL databases. We have designed this application with power, flexibility and ease of use in mind


The whole ethos of the development has been to produce a suite of tools that allow for rapid reporting and analysis of the data.


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