Custom Web Development

Web development is more important than ever, with more and more devices becoming web-enabled and Internet of Things (IoT) being utilised in so many devices, finding the right developer is crucial.

Delphi is a very popular and stable platform, ideal for hosting web environments due to its speed, security and versatility.

Exchequer Dynamics Web Development

Main Description

Services developed for the web have become very data-centric, this means that the data is the primary and permanent asset which everything else revolves around and is presented in a way that other systems can read and understand. Human viewing and reporting are of course still very important.

Using Delphi as our server and client platform allows us to host and present web-based data efficiently and securely. We can receive and read data from the source of your choice and present it to the web, styled in the way that you require. One example of this is our ExVAT product which gives our customers server presented data which is then read and displayed on their client platform.

Delphi gives us both the server and the client platform for hosting and presenting web-based data. We can read data from another source and present it to the web on a page that is styled in any way the customer requires.

Our ExVAT product does just this, giving the customer both the client and providing the server to present their data to them.