Service Development

Services are a good way to perform tasks such as moving data without having to leave a Server logged in or an application running. Services allow software automation to continue out-of-hours and can be automatically stopped and re-started.

Delphi has a good framework for allowing us to create services on demand.

Exchequer Dynamics Service


Services are extensively used to enhance integrations. A service has to be able to work autonomously as well as handle any possible outcomes, including errors, without causing the service to crash or otherwise stop. Service parameters can be provided via different methods, such as INI files, registry entries or from an encrypted file.

All of these methods work well, it’s your specific requirements that will help us choose the best solution for you. There are also options for logging that all work very well, logs can be sent to a file, the Windows Event Log, or to a database table for future analysis.

Pretty much anything an application can do, a service can do autonomously, provided any variables can be satisfied without the need for human intervention. We have developed some of our own services including ExTunnel which opens SSH tunnels for transferring data from site to site in a safe and secure manner; our ExFusion uses this service for integrating with various web-based endpoints.