Integration is the act of enabling various software systems to communicate with each other without any manual input, for example, an eCommerce website and your business management software or ERP (enterprise resource planning) such as Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Exchequer Dynamics Integration

Integration Development

Integration requires more than just the software supporting open industry standards or API’s, a clear understanding of the process and workflow is needed, mapping fields is relatively easy, but when you understand why ‘Field A’ needs to be mapped to ‘Field B’, the simplest and most efficient solution can be implemented.

When it comes to integrating software and processes into Advanced Exchequer, we understand that there may be considerations that have not yet been thought about. We will discuss with you not only what you want integrated but why, once we have all the details, we can create a clear scope to work to.

An important part of planning an integration and its scope, is the often much-needed exceptions. Processes spend most of their time performing the same tasks over and over, but occasionally there can be exceptions to those tasks, if these exceptions aren’t taken into account properly, processes can fail, bringing your system down.

Once the scope has been established, we will start writing the code that will allow your systems to communicate with each other, for this we use Delphi. We choose Delphi for its versatility and all-round power, with it we can capture and convert data of all formats, CSV, XML, JSON, APEX, MySQL, MSSQL, HTTP GET/POST to name some of the more common ones. This captured and converted data can be encrypted, duplicated for multiple destinations, transformed or re-calculated. Delphi really does allow us to create the integration solution you dreamed of!