Application Development

Applications perform specific tasks or offer specific information in a set format. The biggest part of the development of an application is its look, feel and ease of use.

Delphi is the ideal platform to build native apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android.

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Application Development

Applications are programs that help you to perform tasks; in some cases, the application can perform certain tasks without the need for your interaction or input. Typically speaking an application runs on a device that you use, like a desktop computer, we can, however, develop computer applications or specialized utility programs to suit your requirements.

As Delphi developers, we utilise Embarcadero’s RAD Studio platform and its world-class compiler in order to create our applications.

All application development follows the same 4 basic steps:

  • Gather your requirements, or your scope
  • Design prototypes to perform required functions
  • Test, test and more tests!
  • Implementation and feedback

Delphi is one of the best tools available for developing native Windows applications, including Windows 10 and all its features. We can develop using the Delphi VCL framework (Visual Component Library) or FMX framework (for cross-platform application development), this means we can also develop for Linux, macOS, iOS and Android.

Most applications are designed to optimise operational efficiency within a company, saving time and money which in turn, allows you to concentrate on the growth of your business.

Exchequer Dynamics have developed in-house, all of our own applications, ExSync, ExFusion and ExReport, which we use for our customers in various ways: Data Extraction, Integration, Transformation or simply Reporting, we do it all!